Welcome to Brooklyn's Sweet Tea Productions official website. Learn more about us and what we hope to do with this NEW venture!


It’s SO exciting to see our vision come to life!

What started out as a new, fun idea at the beginning of 2022 has now become a reality with so many possibilities. With so many uncertainties in the world of the creative, especially in Food Blogging—–we wanted to create a space to not only continue to create amazing, dope content for brands and companies, but also to inspire and help other creatives along the way.

In helping and inspiring, we hope to offer insightful tips, current news/trends in the world of social media, and technology, and so much more. Definitely stay tuned as it all unfolds in the next few months!


But First, Get to Know Us—–the One’s Behind BSTP

Darnell White, the “techy” part of the duo, studied Information Systems and once had a budding career as a Computer Analyst before later realizing that his true passion lied beyond the walls of his career. Shanika Graham-White, the “designer” part of the duo, studied Psychology in college, but soon realized her real passion for Interior Design, which she now credits for her beautifully staged food styling skills.

Together, Darnell and Shanika are a dynamic-duo husband + wife team based in Brooklyn, NY, specializing in food, drink, product photography and videography. While Darnell originates from Brooklyn, Shanika on the other hand was born and raised in the South—-Florida to be exact, where sweet tea is a staple ingredient to great conversation and a good time; hence the compilation of the name: Brooklyn’s Sweet Tea Productions.

They first stumbled upon their love for photography and videography after the creation of Shanika’s Food and Lifestyle blog, Orchids + Sweet Tea in late 2016, where Shanika passionately develops every single recipe, food styles each shot, while Darnell wittily captures epic and store-telling moments through the use of their camera lens.


It wasn’t long until their bold, edgy, and thought-provoking style in photography and videography began to get the attention of many colleagues, companies, and brands, which gave Darnell and Shanika the idea to turn their innovative creative ideas into a full production company that fully caters to their clients and educates others on basic lessons in the art of photography and videography.

 Together, they both have had the pleasure of working with National and International food and lifestyle brands in campaigns as well as direct creation for their media and marketing channels.

Shanika and Darnell’s work can be found in a number of places, however, some of their most notable personal achievements were not only in the creation of their latest cookbook for Orchids + Sweet Tea, but also having the opportunity to work with dream brands such as Le Creuset, Califia Farms, Bob’s Red Mill, and the list goes on.